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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Statistical consulting- Help you with your Business Needs

Statistics consulting deals with problem that the company experiences. They will ask for all the problem related data and ask all the problem related questions. Then they will analyze the data. It is only after that they analyze the numbers in order to reach the best possible judgment. This analysis will prove extremely helpful for the companies to take up right decisions.

There are many companies which use the six methodologies to analyze the problems and come up with the appropriate solution for the issue. They follow a DMAIC sequence to come up with a solution. DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. 

Each of these phases involves extensive research and analysis in order to get to the right answer. Companies like GE and Motorola were the first to accept this methodology and to implement it. Six-sigma is almost like a culture and the quality benchmarks are set very high. Six sigma permits only 3.14 defects per million opportunities. The analysis if done the six-sigma way will assure best quality and will enable best decision making for any company.

Is There Anyone Out There Who Can Help Me?

There are many people who also hire statistical consulting help to have the analysis done on the matters which will require thorough analysis. Normally not everyone is experienced with the statistics and analysis. However, they can always hire an expert to help them with this aspect whenever required.

Companies also take help from expert analysts to assist them with decision making. They analysis buy reports from statistics consulting companies like Gartner who are well known for their research and analysis. Gartner is a company who are pioneers when it comes to research and analysis. They have extensive reports sold on their websites for thousands of dollars. They have clients like IBM, TCS, Cap Gemini, Dell, HP and many fortune 500 companies who subscribe to their services. They also conduct Symposiums where people like Bill Gates give presentations as well. They conduct such types of events about 2 to 3 times a year. It is always best to get hold of the best market statistics in order to have a definite edge over the competition. 

However, there are people and companies who hire the services of independent analysts to assist them with their decision making. They will provide them with the raw data required for the analysis and let the expert companies churn them inside out till they come up with the best possible solution to tackle the persisting issues.

How to Know When Do I need Help?

We all need some analysis or the other done in our lives which could prove decisive to make important decisions in our lives. Statistical consultants are the best resources to seek help if we are not the experts in the analysis front. They are more suited to do such type of jobs and they have the eye for the details to find solutions to your problems.

Everyone like Lawyers, research scientists, students, attorney and may others seek help from the statistics consulting from time to time. It is better to hire professional help to aid us with critical decision making issues that to make decisions based on guesswork and feel sorry for the decisions later in our lives.

When is Time to Look For An Expert to Help With Thesis Data Analysis

Thesis statistics help is essential for ensuring a valid, useful, and acceptable thesis.  The thesis is the landmark event in the life of a student whereby the student demonstrates his or her capacity to be considered a professional in the disciplinary area.  Whereas knowledge understanding of the content of the discipline is one element, the correct application and utilization of statistics is another element of many thesis projects.  Even for students with strong math skills, the fact that they are still students implies that they are not experts yet.  Even the most seasoned researcher still can benefit from statistics help, so most definitely this can be beneficial for a student.  Mistakes can happen, and so employing the appropriate help with statistics is essential, even if for nothing more than to validate that the procedures conducted by the student are correct.

 What Are My Options

Students can obtain thesis statistics help from a variety of sources.  One of the most beneficial, however, can be to simply employ a person to work with the student one-on-one, since this is often beyond the time capacities of teachers and professors.  This can, of course, become expensive.  Often, the graduate student center or other resources on campus can offer low-cost, quality thesis statistics help for students in their final phase of graduate work.  These tutors will also be familiar with university policy so that they don’t overstep boundaries or violate any plagiarism issues.  Students must be careful to always ensure that any work they submit is their own.

There is no reason for the student to feel inadequate if she or he needs help with the statistics portion of the thesis project.  This is because Statistics is a deep discipline, like all other disciplines.  To ask the engineering or physics or psychology student, who is becoming an expert in their respective discipline, to also become an expert is statistics would be unreasonable.  While these researchers should possess a functional understanding of statistics, that is not the main focus of their work.  Rather, statistics is a tool and, like all tools, it should be employed by people with expertise in using it.  

This can mean that the student contacts the statistician early on in the design phase of their project in order to get off to a good start.  It is unpleasant to have to backtrack because of having done things wrong.  The statistician can therefore help devise a question in such a way that it is likely to generate strong and clear data that can be used to form strong statistical conclusions.  

Why You Actually Should Consult With an Expert

Weak statistical conclusions often come from weak data, which often come from poorly-defined or operationalized questions.  From there, the person or people providing statistics help can help in constructing the variables and the measurement instruments, and provide quality control with respect to the data obtained.  Finally, these people can apply the appropriate statistical tests for the given data in order to make the best of a research project.  The tests must match the data, which must also match the question. 

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Great Tips for Finding Math Help Online

With the current form of the education system, slow learning students who are otherwise quite bright are usually left out and in most cases fail to understand the most basic and most fundamental things in math. As a result, this can lead to failure of a bright mind that is only slow to understand. Hiring a personal tutor is a great way to help such a student as they could use the extra practice but the only problem is that this can be quite expensive. The other option that is equally helpful and less costly is getting math help online for such a student and any other that would like extra guidance with regards to math. To make sure that you are able to get only the best, here are some tips you can use. 

Do some research. 

It can help if you know other students that are getting math help online since they can recommend the resources that they are using as well as the tutors. However, whether you get the references or not, it is your duty to perform your due diligence and ensure that the references that have been offered are reliable and competent and meet the requirements of any teacher. 
In the event that you do not get references, it can also be a good idea to do some research online as in most cases, this proves to have just as much positive results if done the right way. 

Always consider experience. 

In teaching, experience is a great plus. Check to find out how long the site that you would like to use for yourself or your child has been around and the kind of credentials that their tutors have. If your child has any special needs, you can also ask if they have any experiences tutoring such children.

Opt for a video chat. 

It is always nice to get a video chat and talk one on one with the person that will be crafting your to success with math help. Not only does this allow you to strike a personal understanding with them but also allows you to gauge their readiness to help and their levels of patience which can be quite the plus. 

Do not fear to ask questions. 

Even though you might think it is nagging, you have the right. You are paying for the service and your success is on the line. It is your duty to make sure that you are dealing with the right people and making the right choices and the only way that you can be able to do this is by asking questions. 

By being able to identify the best math help online service or tutor that you can use, you can be able to work around your schedule much easily and even better you do not have to hop from one place to another to get to your class. It is simple and efficient. My Geeky Tutor is one online tutoring service that offers math help online.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Fear of Math? Fear not.

Math is one subject that is seen posing problems with most of the students. Not because it is a tough subject but because playing with numbers does not come naturally to all students just as some find biology easier while others seem to grasp geography concepts smoothly. Experts say that girls have more problems understanding concepts of math while language skills and abilities come naturally to them. Setting aside such opinions, parents find that arranging a tutor to help their kids when they are weak in math is a rather tedious job. But when your kid is having difficulties completing his math homework every other day, you need a reliable source that is also not very expensive. Fortunately, today there is internet with websites dedicated to solving math problems faced by students in lieu of a small membership fee.

Not naturally gifted? No problem
If you are not mathematically gifted, it is only natural for you to face difficulties in understanding math concepts that from the foundation of later problems that you may find even more difficult. It is in these circumstances that finding a reliable source of math help online becomes so essential for you.

Get his math fundamentals cleared rather than doing his assignments
As a parent, you know that you can provide math homework help to your kid when he is in early classes and even complete his homework but what you do not realize is that instead of helping your child, you are actually making him dependent upon your help. You are finishing his assignments rather than making him understand basic math concepts and principles that will help him in tackling math problems on his own.

Find an online math tutor for him
Do you know that internet, which your child uses for playing video games and chatting with his friends can also play a crucial role of his math tutor?  Yes, there are web portals that charge a small fee and provide math help online. Yes, your kid can use this help to get his assignments completes but he can also make better use and get the math concepts explained to him so that he is able to solve math problems on his own. All he needs is a headset, a computer, and an internet connection to listen to his online tutor. He can not just see where he is faltering; he also gets an insight into logical thinking so as to be able to solve math problems in a step by step process.

Math proves difficult for some students as they find it hard to remember the formulas and selection of the right formulas to find solutions to problems. Yes, it is true that online tutors can tell you how to approach different math problems; they still cannot make you memorize them. Searching the net to find reliable sites that can deal with your math issue can be cumbersome, especially if you are not aware of their response time and the quality of faculty provided by the sites. There are dozens of tutoring sites on the net and it is better to read reader opinions and testimonials to know beforehand the kind of support you will get from the tutors on the site.

If you find your kid full of anxiety, especially before his math test or when having received his math assignment, it is time for you to take appropriate action. Get him to join a reputed web portal teaching math. This is one way of removing the fear of math from his mind and also to get math solutions that he has been looking for.You probably could also try to practice with a lot sample math problems. A great place for that is MathTrench

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Finding the right person to talk about the struggles with your stats class

Statistics is an important field. The user will have to collect and a range the data so as to construct further study about the data. It is not only just an analysis tool, but, it is also an important part and should be addressed perfectly to reap benefits in any kind of business. There is a good demand for professionals belonging to the field of statistics. It is important to gain knowledge and complete grip over the subject. Students can look forward for statistics help if they feel they are unable to give their hundred percent to the subject.

Statistics help offers the best way to educate students and individuals who find it difficult to deal problems that are in relation to statistics. It is also important for a student to finish an assignment in relation to statistics with accuracy. This is because, there are many important discussions developed after a report has been prepared on an assignment. Seeking help under such conditions is very useful. There are many service providers who offer online tutorials that improve knowledge on statistics to students. As there are plenty in numbers, it is important to look for the one which has gained a good reputation and understands the needs of a student.

Statistics homework help target student in improving their knowledge and the basics that are necessary to implement the right calculation. Different models are prepared taking in to account the requirement from a student. A student can either opt for a particular model or learn the complete basics and gain control over the subject. Hence, the basic thing a student should carry out is to approach a website that has gained popularity for its work. You can also contact your friends to understand in detail about the services that are offered and the way of approach to teach statistics.

A good service provider offers complete guidance to the student till the end and also induces confidence. A schedule is prepared taking in to account the level in which a student is performing. The assessment is generally carried out by the tutor to understand the weakness points and the potential to overcome the same. Statistics homework help is one of the best places to learn new tricks and tips that will be interesting. The student will also gain knowledge and the ability to implement a particular procedure to solve a problem.
Technological advancement has made it possible for a service provider to create the best material for a student. Sometimes your school will provide with a good list of selected tutors, or often times it pays off to go to an online paid service like StatisticsBrain

New learning methods are taught by the tutor either through voice over the Internet protocol or a live video calling session. The flexibility they offer is one of the best advantages for a student. They can even go through the progress sheet from time to time to understand and evaluate themselves the changes they have made so far. There will also be in a position to finish an assignment within a given deadline and create original writings for the report which is the final result of learning statistics through online. Online tutor will help a student gain access to basics of the subject that will be best useful in implementing in the right way. An assignment will no longer be an assignment but a fun way to perform calculation for a student.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Where to find Math Answers

Education today has undergone radical shifts in the methodologies used to teach the material, studying methods, the expectations and goals students have for undertaking a course of study, and the expectations teachers have for students.  In the field of mathematics, historically an important element of philosophical and scientific undertakings, the view of many students has shifted.  Today, a majority of students see math not as a language or a philosophical tool, but rather as an impediment to attainment of their degree, for which they need nothing more than being able to obtain the correct math answers.  

The focus on getting the right answer has become the overriding motivation across large swathes of the educational field today.  Although many professors disagree with this, mandated testing requirements have necessitated a focus on answers, rather than philosophy.  The important part, unfortunately, for students to success is the math answers, rather than math understanding or appreciation.  Graduate students, especially those in doctorate programs, do appreciate the philosophical beauty of math.  But, for students in high school or undergraduate programs, often the need to produce the correct math answers is the only concern, leading some students to go so far as cheating and plagiarism.  Other times a service that provides math answers for a fee is employed for studying and homework completion.  These service may result in the correct answers, but they provide only a superficial solution to the learning process that is fundamentally inadequate for any profession that requires actual use of math knowledge.

Eventually, perhaps the system will change, as more and more people are becoming disillusioned with the answers-based educational focus.  It has been demonstrated that children's higher-order thinking and reasoning skills have decreased in recent years in a corollary fashion with the implementation of test-based learning.  The end result, however, will partially depend on the needs of society.  As society evolves, social forces select people with those traits and skills that can best serve the current needs of the workforce.  This depends on the state of technology, the structure of the workforce, the culture at large, and the political and social systems that create markets for various types of labor.  If most productive activities become automated, as some have predicted, there may be only a need for a small group of people with any actual understanding of advanced scientific and mathematical concepts.  Rather, in this situation, the workforce would mainly be based on functionaries who excel at executing repetitive and mindless functions.  

In the field of organizational psychology, limited intelligence can be a desired trait in a worker, because, if a worker is too intelligent, he or she will become bored at a repetitive job or one that requires little mental exertion and will thus be a less-productive worker than someone with a duller mind.  Hopefully, this is not the state of the future.  A society made of working robot machines and dull, lifeless workers does not sound like an inviting place to live in.  However, if there is no one to appreciated the artists and philosophers, they may cease to exist. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New ideas about learning

I have been pondering a lot about the different forms currently available that students have for their learning process. Yet, we are still using much of the tools used 100 years ago, with hardcover books and attending to a classroom.

Classrooms are a proven way of gaining knowledge. Yet, nowadays, people are talking about reaching the "singularity" of knowledge within this generation. This is, the knowledge is growing at such a rapid pace, that is even reaching exponential levels, which as consequence, would takes to levels of sophistication in our technology which are even hard to imagine today. Are we prepared to teach our kids in the context of the present pace of things?

Not sure.

I think we need to change the way we teach, but specially the way we learn, and it better be soon.